Create A Holiday Journal/Sketchbook

WEDS 21 AUG 10.00 - 12.00

Create your own visual diary of your holiday, or for your specific area of interest .

We start with a plain A5 sketch book, and cover with fabric, papers or artwork. Then create themed template pages, using techniques, including collage, colour washes, decorated boarders,etc Get inspiration for examples of page designs, lettering styles and writing prompts. Discover interesting ways to Incorporate tickets, postcards and other ephemera that one collects along the way. You then have a unique and beautiful art book - to add your own notes, drawings or photos! A lasting memoir of your travels or hobby!

With All materials to get you started, including a plain paper A5 eco sketchbook. Feel free to bring along collected contributions such as cards, receipts, papers and images.

All Tickets £12.