Nature Relief Tiles

nature relief tiles

COST: Adults £20, children £12.50

2 Hour Workshop 14:00 - 16:00

AVAILABLE DATES: Tue 26 May, 21 July, 20 Aug

Create beautiful art pieces with Plaster of Paris! We will be using natural foraged materials, including plants, seaweed, shells, and seeds - then get creative with your own arrangements.
Learn how to create a mold in clay in a shape and size of your choice, from a small round bauble to a square tile. Press in your chosen  items to create and a mold and then cast with Plaster of Paris.

The Plaster picks up fantastic details, and makes a lasting durable piece of wall  art or  garden decoration. You will have time to make 2-3 pieces - that can be painted later when fully dried out.

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