Portrait Artists

The 15 Minute Portrait Studio

This is a Contemporary twist on the traditional  seaside portrait.  Artists are invited to consider their own response to the Portrait, using any medium or style of their choice, from sketching, painting, sculpture, conceptual, digital etc. Various guest artists will join us throughout the year.  Drop in and get your portrait done in under 15 minutes, and leave with original artwork for just £15.  #yourfacemyart

See calendar for the next sessions

We can also bring our Portrait studio to your premises! Great fun for Parties, Weddings and so on.  Get in touch for a quote for your function.


Gazelle creates colourful digital drawings on her ipad, which are then printed onto  high quality archival papers - with a wireless printer.  Her portraits from #yourfacemyart are going to form a book of portratis.   Gazelle is an artist living and working in St.Ives, working in oil paints an digital media.

Joe Greenaway

Joe creates expressive portraits, often working on very large canvasses and walls.  His style mixes up realism with a grafitti aesthetic.  For the 15 minute Portrait studio, Joe works with pencil, pastels and charcoal on paper.

Joe is from St.Ives, and has worked on numerous public and private commissions, large scale public works and has exhibited widely. For more examples of his work click HERE

Rachel Jakeman

Rachels expressive portraits combine drawings with mixed media including watercolours and inks. Rachel works in Redruth from her studio in Krowji arts space.

Bobby Wotnot

Bobby Wotnot is better known for his abstract drawings, built up with tiny dots and marks. 

For these portrait sessions he will be drawing tiny profiles onto shards of pottery, found on the beaches of St.Ives.  Reminiscent of Greek Ostraca, these are then presented in a decorated gift box, in a 'Wotnot' style!