Events & Workshops

We currently run creative events all year,  in a range of art and craft subjects.   All our courses include materials, and are taught in a relaxed and informal style by creative professionals.  You can view all of our events by date order in one page CALENDAR view

Summer Outdoor Classes - book individually in our small group, fresh air workshops -

Indoor workshop space can now be booked for your familly or social group. 


Outdoor Water Colour Painting

MONDAYS  14:00 - 16:00 /  £15 pp

  • Or Private Party Bookings
  • Tues - Sat / 2 - 4 pm / Min price £60 for group of up to  4, plus £15 each extra person

Spend a lovely couple of hours,  painting outdoors in stunning  St.Ives. Each session is a stand alone watercolour class, ideal for all ages and abilities - from complete  beginners, to experienced artists who  want some time and space to paint.  With plenty of individual help and advice on hand with tutor Zoe Eaton.   We will go outside and draw/ paint a scene near the workshop.  Each session we explore a  different view  or  theme, ranging  from local street scenes, beach,  botanics, shells and sealife.  .  

**Due to current the current situation we  limit the class size  to allow for social distance., and in accordance with government guidelines.  We will not run the class in very bad weather

What We Provide

  • Drawing board, paper and drawing equiptmen/ use of paints/brushes and palatte
  • We can loan all materials you need -  but feel free to bring your own to reduce the need for disinfection and cross contamination. - You can also buy a watercolour kit to keep 

What You Need To Bring

  • Dress for the weather - with appropriate sun or rain protetction
  • Comfortable footwwear
  • A camera phone is useful
  • facemask

How To Book

Booking is essential.  Please message us  to reserve your place, with contact details incase we have to cancel the event.  You can make payment on the day of the class (card or cash payments accepted).

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  • watercolour seaweed1
  • watercolour muscle
  • watercolour island
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Tues/ Wed/ Thur & Sat / 10.30 AM - 12.00 /   (From 14 July  )

£10  pp inc  (Ask about prices for your own private group)

Get to see St.Ives in a different light!  These fun and informal sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities,  So whether you are a complete beginner to drawing who just wants to have a go - or an experienced artist who would like to join an outdoor group  -  or a mixed ability group or familly who would like to enjoy a creative experience together - these sessions are for you! 

Tutor Pete Giles is on hand to  offer help,  tips and techniques on capturing what you see.  We visit a different beautiful spot in St.Ives, within a short distance of the Workshop. Depending on the  weather, this might be a local Seaview, Town scapes, pretty streets, Gardens or Park.

What We Provide

  • Use of a Drawing Board, paper, pen and paper included in price
  • Although we can supply drawing materials,  please feel free to bring your own.
  • You can  buy a  drawing kit to keep for £10 ( includes a drawing pen, 4B pencil, eraser, sharpener, sketchbook and pack of coloured pencils, in a polyhandal carry case ).

What You Need To Provide

  • Dress for the weather, with sun or rain protenction and appropriate footwear/ gear for short walks
  • A photo camera is useful
  • Face mask

BOOKING REQUIRED:  Please message us to reserve your place.  Payment  can be made on the on the day.   Meet at Barnoon Workshop. In very bad weather, we may have to cancel.  Please check our CALENDAR  for dates and confirmation. 

  • outdoor drawing cliff
  • drawing house
  • outdoor drawing
  • drawing norway squ
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PRIVATE BUBBLE Choose Your Workshop & Book Your Date & Time Slot!


  • Book Your Slot / Afternoons 2 - 4 pm

Use pretty beach finds including pebbles, crockery, shells and sea glass to create beauitufl and unique pieces.  We have all the tools and finishings you need to make a mosaic coaster, wall hangings, key rings etc.  We provide beach finds too, but feel free to bring along your own personal finds. 

This workshop is suitable for adults and children of all levels of ability.  

Price:  Minimimum flat rate fee of £60 (up to 4 people) plus £15 each extra person to max of 6

see top of page to book.

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  • mosaic on slate
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Book Your Slot /  Afterrnoons 2 - 4.30 pm

Come along and Paint a beautiful seascape using acrylic paints on canvas - designed  for all ages and abilities .   Create your impression of the magnificent scenery overlooking Porthmeor Beach - capturing the fleeting light, colours and textures of the sea and sky.   We work in the studio, but in good weather may work outside, so dress for the weather - or feel free to work from your own photos.

There is help at each step of the way, with painting techniques, colour mixing and more,  with tutor Zoe Eaton.
Min Price £50  /up to 3 people/ plus £15 each extra person up  to max 6 people  

  • painting seascape.jpg
  • Canva - Painting of Blue Boat on Beach
  • painting.jpg


Book Your Slot /  Afterrnoons/ 2 - 4.30 pm

Be inspired by some of the great St.Ives modernist painters including Terry Frost, Patrick Heron and W. Barnes- Graham. - and  create your own little abstract painting with acrylic paints on an A4 canvas.  The workshop is suitable for all ages and levels of ability, including complete beginners.  We start with a paper collage to design your colours, shapes and composition, then move on to acrylic paints.  There is help at each step of the way, with painting techniques, colour mixing and more,  with  artist Zoe Eaton.  Price includes all materials.

Min Price £70  /up to 3 people/ plus £15 each extra person up  to max 6 people  

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Book Your Slot /  Afterrnoons 2 - 4.30 pm

Learn how to cast and mix crystal resin to create a variety  of little resing charms, pendants, key rings or magnets! Get to experiement with a range of moulds, and little treasures to add - beads, dried flowers, wire, collage or bring along your own little treasures to cast.  leave with finished, individual pieces.

We are currently only offering classes for single bubbles/families max of 6 people 

Min Price  £75  (up to 3 people) £20  each extra person, to max 5 people  

  • resin bottletops
  • resin muscle


 Book Your Slot  / Afternoons 2 - 4 pm

Fun and informal  drawing sessions, designed for all levels of ability, from complete beginners, to those who wish to develop and practice their style. Get to draw portraits or the clothed figure from a live model, with tutor Zoe Eaton.

We start with short warm up exercises, designed to explore a variety of drawing techniques, materials and surfaces, before finishing with a longer pose - with emphasis on developing your own style, whether it is expressionistic, realistic or more abstract or minimal.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children of all levels of ability.  We are currently only able to offer classes for single bubble groups, max 6 people 

PRICE  Minimimum flat rate fee of £60 (up to 3 people) £15 for each additional person  for  max 6 - includes materials  See top of page to book.

  • Ben Portrait
  • Portrait 2 Bens


Private Booking / Available Slots: Tues/Wed/Thurs/ Sat/ 2 - 4.30 pm

COST :  Min £60 (For up to 3 people, plus £15 each extra person to max of 6 

Learn how to create a beautiful decoratived platter or box, using Decoupage, a technique that involves layering collaged papers with glues and varnish - these can be combined with paint effects and personalised to your choice of design.  This technique is great to cover boxes, trays, picture frames, or give new lease of life to old items of furniture, and they make great gifts too!
During this workshops we will take you through the steps of choosing your design, cutting, and use of correct materials and tools. Included in the price is a square or round palmleaf plate  to decorate, and all materials. However feel free to bring along your own small object, and any relevant images you want to use. 

To book, see top of page

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  • decoupage blank
  • decoupage bowl

Painting the Style of Alfred Wallis

Book Your Slot / 2  hour workshop

Min price £60 / for up to 4 people / £10 each extra person

Learn a little about the fascinating life and working methods of Alfred Wallis, and take inspiration as a basis for your own artwork.
Alfred Wallis (1855 - 1942) was a naive artist who lived and worked in St.Ives. Take a little tour around town and walk in Alfred Walis footsteps taking in significant sights, make sketches or take photos. Back at the studio we will lead you into making your own painting, drawing on the styles, themes, techniques and colours of Alfred Wallis. This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, and complete novices!

To Book: See top of page


Book Your Slot / Afternoons 2 - 4 pm

Collage, a French word for a technique to create an assemblage of different forms. Get Cutting, ripping, gluing and sticking and maybe add drawing and writing to make your complete images.

Take inspiration for your artwork from the local landscape, or maybe try something more surreal with a look at the use of 'Photomontage' used in Surrealism and Pop Art, and examples of contemporary collage used today. All materials included but if you want to bring your own images to make them more personal feel free.
Min Price £60 (for up to 4 people, £10 for each extra person)

  • collage
  • guitarclarinet
  • collage and ink
  • guitar


Book Your Slot / Afternoons 2 - 4 pm

Learn how to make a vairety of lovely natural soaps, that are animal product free, and without any nasty chemicals - and using easy to obtain ingredients you can make at home.

We will be using vegetable soap base, and adding a whole range of lovely extra ingredients for beneficial skin properties,  scent,  texture and  decoration  - including herbs,  and essential oils.  Experiment with different combinations and create your own recipes.  Leave with several bars of quality, handmade soaps.
Min Price £70 (for up to4 people, £20 for each extra person to max of 6 people)

  • soap hearts
  • soap ingredients
  • soap lemon

Beginners Guide To Calligraphy

Private Party Booking By appt

 Min £60 for up to 4 people, £10 for each extra person

Discover the beautiful art of hand lettering. Use to add interest to cards, letters, labels, sketchbooks or almost anything that needs text!  uring this workshop with Zoe Eaton, get to learn the basics you will need to get started - taught through fun practice sheets and little projects.   Build up  skills in using tools and techniques, from hand movement, layout and spacing methods. Experiment with different types of pens, inks and paper surfaces.

Begin my mastering a classic italic font, and then get to try other, contemporary fonts, before creating a final composition or project. Leave with  your experiments, handouts, notes and practice sheets in a sketch book.

to book see top of page

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Oil Painting Taster Session

3  Hour Workshop / Book Your Slot / Afternoons

COST £70 for up to 3 people, £20 each extra person.

Discouver painting with this beautiful and versatile medium with artist Zoe Eaton. Suitable for beginners, or experienced artists who want to develop the use of oil paints.  We start with guided exercises, mark making and colour mixing to explore the basic techniques and  painting mediums,  impasto painting, brush work, and palette knife painting.  Then move onto a  Wet-on-wet, or 'alla prima' (Italian, meaning at first attempt), direct painting   on canvas.  Choose your choice of subject from: still life,  St, Ives Abstract or the local landsclape/seascape. 

Too book see top of page


2 hour workshop / Pravate Party Bookings /

Tues 17 Sept. 10 - 12 / 24 Sept 10 - 12

A 'Back To Basics' workshop where you learn the different stages of making ink and a pen to draw or write with.

INK: Learn the different stages and processes and what to add into you natural ink mixture. We will be able to make ink on the day and enough that you will be able to take away a small bottle of the ink we produce. The main ingredient will vary as we will be using a natural seasonal items.

We will also manufacture a couple of dipping pans from natural materials that we can use to write or draw with once our ink has cooled. We can try our pens and make modifications so we can see the different lines they produce.  You will leave with a jar of natural ink and a couple of hand made dip pens.

£20 pp/ 

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